Saturday, December 30, 2006

Make up words

Once When I got bored at someones house I Went with my dad to the Kitchen to make up words with the magnetic letters on the fridge Then one of my sisters joined in.
These are the words and deffinitions:

Toogle: A peice of grass that can go mouldy.
Pawjox: Another word for a game console.
Mullock: Wine and beer mixed together.
Yodge: Door stopper.
Strone: A really powerful light bulb.
Mutirox: A brand name for medicine that is radium tetroxide suspension.
Riton: A rhino that lost its horn in battle.
Yobilocta: A farewell or benediction.
Jonoxen: A super heated gas oven
Tidocalm: A really still pond.
Dikod: Two manuscripts of the same decimal.
Yokent: The property of being joined together.
Tenoyon: A one person paddling boat.
Kadom: A large amount of food.
Clodent: Hung up.
Voke: To call out when not ment to.
Magby: A Millenium calender.
Gamrod: A stick for clearing blockages.
Kontoc: A silent clock.

But theres also a game called the dictionary game where someone makes up a word and thinks of a deffinition and the others work out what it could mean then they call out their answer and if they get it right and someone votes them the voter gets a go etc.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Doctor Who Advent Quiz

Q1: Which Captain did Rose and the Doctor meet in World War 2?
Captain John, Captain Jack or Captain Harkness?

Q2: Which city did Margaret Slitheen plan to destroy using a nuclear reactor?
Cardiff, Birmingham or London?

Q3: Which alien race took part in the Christmas Invasion?
Slitheen, Sycorax or Autons?

Q4: Which silver creatures were originally human but replaced their bodies with machinery?
Daleks, Cyberman or Robot Spiders?

Q5: Which small blue alien was a guest at the End of the World?
Jabe, Cassandra or the Moxx of Ballhoon?

Q6: On which planet do dogs have no noses?
Raxacoricofallapotorius, Barcelona or Clom?

Q7: What is Rose's surname?
Harkness, Tyler or Smith?

Q8: What is the name of Rose's boyfriend?
Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler or Micky Smith?

Q9:Which creature controlled the shop window dummies that tried to conquer the Earth?
Nestene Consciousness, Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe or Emperor

Q10: What happened to the Doctor when he absorbed the Time Vortex?
He got knocked out, he flew away or he regenerated?

Q11: What was the name of the robot dog that used to travel with the Doctor?
K9, Rusty or Dash?

Q12: Which famous author did the Doctor and Rose meet in Cardiff 1869?
Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter or Russel T. Davies?

Q13: Which century is Captain Jack from?
20th century, 21st century or 51st century?

Q14: What is the name of the device that allows the TARDIS to look like a Police Box?
Chameleon Curcuit, Emotional Inhibitor or Bad Wolf Industries?

Q15: What is the name of Rose's father?
Pete Tyler, Jack Tyler or Jack Harkness?

Q16: What race does the Doctor belong to?
Human, Time Lord or Gelth Confederation?

Q17: What does TARDIS stand for?
Time After Relatives Die in Stations, Try And Revise Dead in Streets or Time And Relative
Dimensions In Space?

Q18: Who is the last survivor of the Human Race?
Rose Tyler, Cassandra O'Brien or Chip?

Q19: What message did Rose send throughout time?
Torchwood, Bad Wolf or Satellite 5?

Q20: What did the Editor call the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe?
Max, Freddie or Jagra?

Q21: Which evil creatures fought against the Time Lords in the Time War?
Daleks, Cybermen or Pilotfish?

Q22: Where do the Slitheen come from?
Clom, Raxacoricofallapotorius or Skaro?

Q23: What is the name of Rose's mother?
Jackie Tyler, Claire Smith or Jackie Harkness?

Q24: Who became Prime Minister after helping to defeat the Slitheen invasion?
Cassandra O'Brien, Rose Tyler or Harriet Jones?

PS I got this off my Doctor Who Advent Calendar

Friday, December 22, 2006

Joke 20

What do you call a car doing the limbo?
A Limbozine!

Joke 19

How do chairs get around?
On there legs!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Joke 18

Why didn't the skelington cross the road?
He didn't have the guts to do it!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dr.who quiz 2

Who is known as the tin dog???

Who is the cyber controller???

Who is the fourth dr???
1.Christifer Ecclesdon
2.Tom baker
3.Patrick Throuton

What does Toby have all over him? hearts
3.Impossibly old writing

How many times did they mention torchwood?

Whats the name of Jakes gang?
2.Jakes gang

What corperation destroyed the sycorax ship?
3.The doctor

1.The Doctor

What is the name of the boss of Torchwood?
1.Josefine Hartman
2.Yvonne Hartman
3.Blon Hartman

Who is the dr's asistant in seiries 3?
1.Freeda Angeeman
2.Billie Piper
3.Martha Jones

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

joke 17

What do frogs and toads drink?
Croaka cola!


Whens the best time to say oh?
In the middle of a yu-gi-oh match

joke 15

Why do barbers make good drivers?
Because they know all the shortcuts!

joke 14

Knock knock
whos there
Bryon who?
Bryon my new suit!

joke 13

What is a ghosts favourite bird?
A scare crow!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


What is a teachers favourite meal?

A take away!!!


Where are husky dogs trained?

In mush rooms!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


There was a primary school teacher and he was new to the school .To be nice he came up to 3 girls he went and asked them there names.Girl 1: My name is Daisy. Teacher:Thats a nice name why are you called that?Girl1: When I was in my mums tummy a daisy fell on it.Teacher:Thats nice.Girl2:My name is Buttercup.Teacher:Why are you called that.Girl2:When I was in my mums tummy a buttercup fell on it.Narater: When he went up to the last one she was slightly damaged.Teacher:Whats your name?


What do you call a pig that knows karate?

pork chop!!!

joke 8

What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig?

A teddy boar!!

joke 7

Why did Micky mouse go into space?

He wanted to find Pluto!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

So you Think you Know the England team (football)

Here is a picture of the England team.

See if you can awnswer these questions.

1) Who plays in right Middfield?
b) Rooney
c)J . Cole

2)Which sub is faster than T.Henry?

3)What injury did Roony have that made him not play the first matches of the World cup 06?
a) Broken Meditarsle
b) strained Ankle
c) broken Leg

4)Who scored the first goal against Sweedon in the world cup 06?

5) What is Englands Managers name?

6) Which 3 are all goal keepers?

7)Who is the tallest in the team including subs?

8)What year did England win the world cup?

9)Has Beckham had a strait red card in the world cup before?
c)no but he has had two yellows

10)What is the teams nick name?
a)The tigers
b)The leapods
c)The lions

Monday, July 17, 2006

camping on the cbc week end away

On Friday the 14th of July 2006 My family went camping. We camped next to one of my best friends it was realy fun. When we got there we were late for dinner but we were lucky we went in my friends car and we were watching dr.who on the portabal dvd player with surround sound speakers straped on the chair in front it had two monitors one for the back two seats and one for the middle three. But the whole of it was not about a portabal dvd player. when we got there the tent was already ready, so we went to unpack and have dinner I barley had anything.After that I went to the sports hall , and did I mention the code they change about every month(the sports hall was easy I know it off by heart),with my friends it was great playing footy for ages(30 minutes). A few minutes later we went to the meeting about the rules. After that I went to the sports hall with all the adults and ofcouse my friends we had a 30 mins match of football my team won.Next I went to bed and it was freezing.On the 2nd day I quickly got changed remembering how cold it was. When I looked outside people were already out there but I woke up earlier than my whole family. So when they woke up I did my teeth and face and played in the sports hall with my friends. At 8:00 I had breakfast it was 10/10 % great food,the next activity was a morning meeting but I didn't see that we got to go out of the meeting to the park.
After that guess what we went to the sports hall.Minutes later we had lunch it was delicios meat I wanted the recipe.Then there was the concert my sister did stuff like the song she made up and I did a concerto in b miner when it finished it was a late finish. Mins later we went to the sports hall with the adults. Next of couse I did my teeth and went to bed this time it wasn't quite so cold but still cold.So ofcouse in the morning I woke up before my family and got changed and went to do my teeth and only two people in the sports hall me and another friend. After a while it was breakfast at 8:30 it was nice again. mins later we went to the sports hall for the normal time when we came out we were packed and ready to go and when we went home I went in my friends car both monitors in the middle we didn't watch dr.who because of the younge one in the back but we watched Danny the champion of the world and had a coca cola zero.When I got home my friend came round and we played pro evolotion soccer 5 and won the Euro cup.!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quoting Quiz dr.who (David Tennant sieries2)

Who says...

1) hit me hit me hit me with my rythem stick its good to be a loonatick.
a) queen Victoria
b) the dr
c)Harriot Jones

2)its not a natural phenomenom.
a) Toby
b) Rose

3)Harriot Jones priminister
a) Rinette
B)the face of boe
c)Harriot Jones

4)goodbye trampoline hello blondy.
b)sisters of plenitude

5)for the planet.
a) sycorax and the dr
b)sarah Jane Smith and Rose
c)k9 and Jackie Tyler

c)clockwork killer

7)we could work together cybermen and daleks

8)a spaceship on my first go.
c)face of boe

9) try me
b) sarah Jane Smith

10)oh its you your my friend because you are thick thickety thick thick thick from thick town thickania and sos your dad.
a)clockwork killer
b)the dr

Saturday, January 21, 2006


What did Adam say to Eve at Christmas?
Its Christmas Eve!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My inventions before 2006 (none are made)

1) Flying car
2) The Millenium Starship- latest
3) Water missile
4) Water missile launcher
5) UGPS (Ultra-GPS - it tells you where people who you've put in are as well - like the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter)
6) (Normal) Car (biggest and fastest) Zonda
7) Laser lock
8) Protector droid
9) Super NA engine
10) The anything droid
11) Ultra GBASP