Sunday, September 11, 2005


If you put your arms next to other poeples if your arms go further than theres your bigger than them!!!!

Herbie fully loaded!(film)

I like this film because it is about a sports car that can drive itself!!!!!

Once there was a car that a man named Max but in the newspaper it said about all the accidents that had happend!!

So Max took Herbie to the dump.One day a girl went to the dump to get a car.

First looked at a diffrent sports car then she looked at another car then she found herbie!

Then she went to this place to clean it after that she went for a ride and they even did loads of tricks and she was not even driving! The car took them to a car fair because scratched the best persons car they had to race the best person!!!!!!

(If you want to find out what happens need to watch the film)