Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Film Review: Avatar

Avatar is a film I would highly recommend. It is across between the films Tarzan and the Matrix. It is about how in the future humans will have colonies on other planets.

So off the humans went to Pandora a beautiful planet which is 'inhabitable' but only just because to go outside you need a gas mask. It is filled with plants and creatures. This particular colony is after a crystal that sells for millions on earth. Unfortunately for them the biggest supply of this is underneath the city of the Nabi, 'who are very hard to kil'.

So the latest recruit for the marines, Jake Sully, has to find a way to relocate their city. He is lame so this made it difficult. Except, if he jumps into this machine and wakes up somewhere else as an avatar, which belong to his dead brother.

As Jake was on a patrol round the area with some others, he got lost. He found a Nabi and joined up with her colony of Nabi. He got into a Nabi bed on the tree, and fell asleep. This is when he woke up out of the machine and told his friends.

In the tribe of Nabi he learns to do many things including fly these funny bird things, and ride rhinos. But then disaster struck the humans came to destroy the tree that the Nabi lived in. So they fled... 'You're Not in Kansas any more you're on Pandora', a quote from the beginning of Avatar.

Film Review: 2012

2012 is another one of those films about the end of the world. Another film like this is the film Armegeddon. As in all of these films the humans are trying to survive the disaster.

This particular one however, is based on the Mayan prediction 1000s of years ago. The Mayans predicted this with their number scheme, a dot . = 1, a shell = 0, and a dash - = 5. This could go up to 19 and then they'd put a shell and a 1 and get 20 etc. This goes up and up, but because for some reason the numbers stopped on something like 12212012 they thought that the 21st of December 2012 would be the end of the world.

The main characters in this film are a family of which the parents are divorced and the mothers boy friend. Their are also various other main, or important characters but I am not listing them.

To 'almost' end the world in this film, many natural disasters occur. For example, a super volcano in yellow stone USA, and the switching of the poles.

After all of this a few million people escape in some extremely big boats, with most of the worlds most famous items. They then head for Africa as it has now risen several feet into the air. 'Everest is no longer the roof of the World', a quote from the end of the film.