Saturday, December 30, 2006

Make up words

Once When I got bored at someones house I Went with my dad to the Kitchen to make up words with the magnetic letters on the fridge Then one of my sisters joined in.
These are the words and deffinitions:

Toogle: A peice of grass that can go mouldy.
Pawjox: Another word for a game console.
Mullock: Wine and beer mixed together.
Yodge: Door stopper.
Strone: A really powerful light bulb.
Mutirox: A brand name for medicine that is radium tetroxide suspension.
Riton: A rhino that lost its horn in battle.
Yobilocta: A farewell or benediction.
Jonoxen: A super heated gas oven
Tidocalm: A really still pond.
Dikod: Two manuscripts of the same decimal.
Yokent: The property of being joined together.
Tenoyon: A one person paddling boat.
Kadom: A large amount of food.
Clodent: Hung up.
Voke: To call out when not ment to.
Magby: A Millenium calender.
Gamrod: A stick for clearing blockages.
Kontoc: A silent clock.

But theres also a game called the dictionary game where someone makes up a word and thinks of a deffinition and the others work out what it could mean then they call out their answer and if they get it right and someone votes them the voter gets a go etc.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Doctor Who Advent Quiz

Q1: Which Captain did Rose and the Doctor meet in World War 2?
Captain John, Captain Jack or Captain Harkness?

Q2: Which city did Margaret Slitheen plan to destroy using a nuclear reactor?
Cardiff, Birmingham or London?

Q3: Which alien race took part in the Christmas Invasion?
Slitheen, Sycorax or Autons?

Q4: Which silver creatures were originally human but replaced their bodies with machinery?
Daleks, Cyberman or Robot Spiders?

Q5: Which small blue alien was a guest at the End of the World?
Jabe, Cassandra or the Moxx of Ballhoon?

Q6: On which planet do dogs have no noses?
Raxacoricofallapotorius, Barcelona or Clom?

Q7: What is Rose's surname?
Harkness, Tyler or Smith?

Q8: What is the name of Rose's boyfriend?
Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler or Micky Smith?

Q9:Which creature controlled the shop window dummies that tried to conquer the Earth?
Nestene Consciousness, Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe or Emperor

Q10: What happened to the Doctor when he absorbed the Time Vortex?
He got knocked out, he flew away or he regenerated?

Q11: What was the name of the robot dog that used to travel with the Doctor?
K9, Rusty or Dash?

Q12: Which famous author did the Doctor and Rose meet in Cardiff 1869?
Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter or Russel T. Davies?

Q13: Which century is Captain Jack from?
20th century, 21st century or 51st century?

Q14: What is the name of the device that allows the TARDIS to look like a Police Box?
Chameleon Curcuit, Emotional Inhibitor or Bad Wolf Industries?

Q15: What is the name of Rose's father?
Pete Tyler, Jack Tyler or Jack Harkness?

Q16: What race does the Doctor belong to?
Human, Time Lord or Gelth Confederation?

Q17: What does TARDIS stand for?
Time After Relatives Die in Stations, Try And Revise Dead in Streets or Time And Relative
Dimensions In Space?

Q18: Who is the last survivor of the Human Race?
Rose Tyler, Cassandra O'Brien or Chip?

Q19: What message did Rose send throughout time?
Torchwood, Bad Wolf or Satellite 5?

Q20: What did the Editor call the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe?
Max, Freddie or Jagra?

Q21: Which evil creatures fought against the Time Lords in the Time War?
Daleks, Cybermen or Pilotfish?

Q22: Where do the Slitheen come from?
Clom, Raxacoricofallapotorius or Skaro?

Q23: What is the name of Rose's mother?
Jackie Tyler, Claire Smith or Jackie Harkness?

Q24: Who became Prime Minister after helping to defeat the Slitheen invasion?
Cassandra O'Brien, Rose Tyler or Harriet Jones?

PS I got this off my Doctor Who Advent Calendar

Friday, December 22, 2006

Joke 20

What do you call a car doing the limbo?
A Limbozine!

Joke 19

How do chairs get around?
On there legs!